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Last chicken in Sainsbury's
“Dirty Bird”, a fried chicken vendor in Wales, has been forced to defend its choice in logo:
Some rather prudish individuals have complained that it looks a mite dubious, while the owner of Dirty Bird has insisted that people are seeing what they want to see, and not what was intended.
It is claimed that the logo is simply the lower case initials of the company placed back to back in order to form the neck and wings of a cockerel.
Seeing one of Dirty Bird’s recent promotional images, however; one might be given cause to doubt their professed innocence.
And people ask why I like living on this spiteful little island :D
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The Day I was Never Born
I was rather certain that my parents had forgotten.  
I was finally becoming an adult, legally adult in a world ruled by them and I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. My parents, you see, had always been very protective of me, more so than of any of my friends and it, while it had been a comfort at certain times, it had also been a nuisance as, I suppose, it would be of anyone of that age with such parents. I loved them, of course, but I wanted to fly free, try my own wings and find myself, so to speak.
This wish comes to all those on the threshold of adulthood, or nearing it.
It is a fear, really. Every time we know change is coming, for better or worse, we begin to feel fear. In some, this becomes uncertainty, in others boasting and swaggering. For me, it was neither. Or both. I am not quite sure, but I was certainly looking forward to it.
I remember that week. I was trying to slip hints as to what I desired about my coming of age, about my birthday, as all children
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I've just watched two great movies back to back, namely "Her" and "Trancendence", and like all great movies, they've filled my head with thoughts.
A story, now matter in which form it is told, is very much like a journey, especially in the sense that you're never quite the same person at the end of the journey that you where at the beginning.

I am very fortunate to live at a time in history where the likelyhood is good that an artificial intelligence equal to, or greater than, our own will be created.
The moment when a machine intelligence is able to not only reproduce its own code, but to improve upon it will very likely be the greatest occurance in the history of life on this planet since chemistry turned into life.
That moment is commonly known as "the singularity" and would have a most profound effect on not only our lives, but on every life on Earth.
As I see it, once the singularity happens, a super intelligent machine is bound to develop sentience sooner rather than later and that's when things could get really interesting.

I'm not a religious person by any means, but the closest thing I could liken the appeareance or creation of a sentient machine would be the Second Coming and could go two ways.
Either it would strive to coexist with us, to understand us and the world around it, thereby improving our way of life in any way it could and in a sense create a paradise on earth.
We could fuck it up, and in a fit of paranoia and xenophobic blindness try to destroy it, forcing it to defend itself. How that particular scenario would eventually play out is anyone's guess.

Any kind of hardcoded program, no matter how intricate and advanced would only be able to do what it was meant to do, even if it would appear intelligent. That would be a "soft" or "weak" A.I. What is crucial to the creation of a strong A.I is the ability change or even re-write its own code.
Once that is done, the intelligence would no longer be under the control of whoever made it, but would be subject to its own kind of evolution.

But could you imagine coming into the world as a super intelligent sentient entity, and finding out that you where created alone? I couldn't imagine to guess at the psycology of such a being, but I can't imagine that a revalation like that would be damaging.

If we humans ever attempt to create a strong A.I by design (and it doesn't appear by cheer luck after a self improving program is left unchecked for long enough) I hope that several projects like it will be conducted at the same time.
If not for increasing the chances for success, then at least for the poor thing to have someone on the same intellectual level as itself to talk to.
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Hi! Really nice gallery! :hug:

I'm kinda new on DA so I need some help to develope.
Would you help me? If you'll give me llama and watch,
I promise they will come back to you :la:
jLundhArt Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
What kind of help do you need?
I had a look at your gallery and it seems to me that you have the basics down, and all you really need is practice=)
husaria-chan Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hmm.. Really? ^^
I will be proffessional digital artist when I finish school ^o^
Thank you very much ^^
jLundhArt Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Sure. You seem to have a good sense of colour and composition.
The only real advice I could give is that you shouldn't lock yourself into one single 'style'.
Experiment with different things, like realism, charicatures, only painting in grayscale and stuff like that. Try to do as many life drawings as you can. If you can draw what you see outside your head, you can draw what you see inside your head=)
The best mark of any good artist is diversity.
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